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Increasing the efficiency of brands
in the online and offline worlds

Our core competencies

Rebranding, positioning

We will develop a recognizable logo, a corporate identity that will distinguish you among your competitors, as well as help with naming and choosing a position. Turn-key brands.

Design of high-efficiency websites

Website is an important point of contact for most companies and brands. We will create an effective website that will achieve your goals and yield good results.

Improvement of points of contact

Each brand (company) has up to 52 points of contact. Systematic improvement of the most important of them makes customers more loyal, allows brands to sell more and build up their efficiency.

With our solutions, your brand will become
more efficient and more profitable

Два продукта от студии «Чипса»

Существующему бизнесу

Пошаговое улучшение бренда,
повышение эффективности

  • анализ бизнеса, маркетинг;
  • позиционирование, брендинг;
  • улучшение / создание сайта;
  • работа с точками контакта.

У вас есть готовый бизнес, и вы понимаете, что
застоялись на одном месте? Мы системно изучим ситуацию и предложим вам пути развития. Придумаем новые идеи и возьмём на себя их реализацию. В итоге ваш бренд станет сильнее,эффективнее, принесёт вам больше клиентов.

Узнать о продукте больше
новому бизнесу

Пакетное предложение для старта нового бизнеса

  • быстрое позиционирование;
  • логотип, фирменный стиль;
  • создание сайта;
  • отстройка системы продаж.

Планируете начать новый бизнес или открыть новое направление? Мы поможем вам сделать это правильно и быстро. Просто выберите интересующие вас опции и занимаетесь вопросами бизнеса. А заметное и эффективное присутствие вашей компании на рынке мы возьмём на себя.

Узнать о продукте больше
Если хотите индивидуальный проект — расскажие нам о нём в письме: info@chipsa.ru


Design and advertising campaign for the first Internet-mart in Khakassia "Polka"

Goals and objectives

To make modern and high-quality website that would stand out Abakan sites. To make it nice to shop in our store, as online supermarket is almost a regular store, where a man goes shopping every day.


Sales 4 months after launch
Sales at the start of the project

Since the launch of the project sales increased 3 times. For 4 months of the purchase on the website did 1 975 times.

for 4 months the site hypermarket was visited by more than 38 000 people
a daily visit to the site after 4 months since the launch — 200 persons
for 4 months people used the services of a hypermarket 1 975 times
visitors rated the site in dignity, noted that at the moment of this quality in Abakan has not yet been
Find out how we achieved
these results
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Rebranding, positioning, improving POC for a chain of digital technology stores "re:Digital"

Goals and objectives

To rebrand the chain of stores "re:Digital" in order to increase profits through sales of digital products and services. In terms of its visual component, the new brand should not be inferior to any of the regional brands. Comprehensive improvement of POC of the brand.


Profits of "Digital DAD"
Profits of "re:Digital"

Rebranding alone has increased an average profit of the stores by 28% (without any advertising support)

thes stores demonstrate a steady growth in the demand for accessories and services
the chain received a strong visual base for communication and promotion
significant increase in customer loyalty and job seekers to the chain "Digital DAD"
more than 26 new stores in Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Achinsk, Kansk, Ilansky, Borodino and other cities in Siberia
Find out how we achieved
these results


Website design for a chain of shoe stores "Favourite Shoes"

Goals and objectives

To develop a new, modern website design for a chain of shoe stores "Favourite Shoes". To make the new website more visited (motivate for regular visits to the site) and interesting (increase the involvement of regular customers, increase loyalty of new customers).


Effectiveness of the new home page
Effectiveness of the old home page

New home page is 4.5 times more efficient than the old one (rejection percentage decreased from 27.7% to 6%)

website became more interesting - people spend 1.5 times longer on it
new section Magazine is on the third place by polarity - it is interesting for the visitors
Find out how we achieved
these results
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Design of the website for the Federal Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery, Krasnoyarsk

Goals and objectives

To make the site as easy and convenient for people that need help of the Centre. Through this site, make Centre's work more transparent and understandable.


website supports regular correspondence between patients and doctors, specialists of the clinic answer dozens of questions every day
Work of the press service and the section "Photo of the Day" make the website interesting not only for patients but also for doctors
Find out how we achieved
these results
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Corporate style and improvement of POC for training and consulting company Business and Business

Goals and objectives

The new style should emphasize that the company has matured and became more serious (6 years on the market). At the same time, it was important to maintain continuity of the old style, thereby showing that the company has remained true to its original ideals and traditions.


the customer received a lot of positive feedback from its clients regarding new corporate style of the company
improvement of key POC (e.g. services directory) contributes to sales and attracts new clients
Find out how we achieved
these results


Website design for the company SIBION

Goals and objectives

To aid in quick business startup (launch in the local market of a new product - fuel combustion catalyst). In an accessible manner describe the advantages of the catalyst, promote the formation of positive opinions about it among potential buyers.


the business was successfully launched (opened 32 point of sale of the catalyst)
partners and clients speak positively about the website
website helped form clients' positive attitude towards the product
catalyst is used by representatives of well-known brands, such as Renault, KIA, etc.
Find out how we achieved
these results
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Rebranding of Jewellery House "Remix"

Goals and objectives

To develop a recognizable image that will be associated with the jewelry business and the name "Remix". To create a good base for design of corporate media and promotional materials.


the graphic sign is actively used by the Jewellery House, sometimes as a self-contained recognizable element
Find out how we achieved
these results

+ and 36 more completed projects

for branding, website design and improvement of the brands' POC

Show all projects

Fresh work on dribbble

See our most recent work, rejected options, creative process and its results before coordination with the customer and inclusion in the portfolio.

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How do we achieve high performance?

We are working on effectiveness criteria that have been formed and perfected by us over four years.

List of website effectiveness criteria

Based on our experience and on many Russian and English-language resources, we have compiled a list of properties with which a website can be more effective and selling.


Brand map (the basis for any communication)

Establishing a brand is a long and complicated process. But there are basic principles which, if followed, can dramatically increase the brand's chances of becoming truly successful.


Comprehensive improvement of brand's POCs, bringing them into the "WOW" format

These are the points of contact where your customers decide to work with you or not, to order more or go to competitors, to extend the contract or terminate it.

By adding the missing POCs, bringing the existing ones into "wow" format, as well as by their regular audit, you help the customer make a decision in your favour.

Get 10 tips
on improving POC
Read more about how we improve POC of our Studio

What you get working with us

Гарантия результата, как бы смело это ни звучало.

Revenue growth and efficiency through continuous comprehensive support for your brand. Regular and periodic operation aimed at improving the components of the brand, give the result. 

The predictable result and our actions.

Strict adherence to established business processes and constantly notifying you of course will give you the confidence that you will get exactly the result that you expect.

The formation of a positive image of the brand.

According to the modern trends, the formation of a clear target audience the graphic image of your company - all this will have a positive impact on the overall image of your company.

How much does it cost?


We offer preliminary assessment of the project (work within a certain budget), as well as assessment at the completion of the work.

Стоимость часа — 1 650 руб. Минимальный проект — 80 ч.

Scheduled pays

Perfect for long-term cooperation (for example, when working on improving POC), option of payment by instalments.

Minimum monthly fee - 50 thousand RUB


We are ready to work for a percentage of the profits, or for a remuneration on achievement of specific results and indicators.

Individual conditions of partnership

Improved POC is a long and laborious process that requires careful analysis of the current state of affairs. Therefore, we are ready for long work trips to visit client's sites and learn about the brand.

Crew members

Maxim Kyshtymov,

Founding father of the Studio. Builds business processes, sometimes bosses us around. Loves to travel around and make loads of photos.

Elena Zhabko,
Project Manager

Puts workflow in order, monitors deadlines, communicates with customers. Loves photographing her cat Semion and flowers.

Alexander Pedchenko,

Draws excellent illustrations and icons, sometimes makes videos and infographics. And a virtuoso violinist to boot!

Evgeniy Ignashov,
Technical Director

Responsible for programmers' design quality. Favourite phrase: "As I wrote in my blog..."

Kirill Kim,

Precise and efficient in his design tasks. Says no to beer and vodka. Only champagne and whisky.

Konstantin Kulesha,

On first-name terms with website design. Master modular grid tamer. Every day drives 52 km to work in our Studio.

Anton Lazarev,
Marketing Specialist

Generates leads and foundations for each job. A structured and systemic thinker. Doesn't it meat.

Евгений Якуба,

Ярый фанат Мортал Комбата и Каунтер Страйка. Властелин бас-гитары. Ну и самый молодой сотрудник студии :)

About our Studio

leading digital production companies
* the only representative of Krasnoyarsk in the TOP-list

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